Feb 12, 2017

What it’s like to talk to people you love who are brainwashed.

From the queue:

So, The Waitresses had this song called ‘The Smartest Person I Know’

That was in the queue, it’s all I had and I don’t have the slightest idea where the hell I was going to go with it. I just added the YouTube link after the fact.

Actually, I think what I was going to talk about was someone I know who I thought of as worldly who had traveled quite a bit and as time passed while she idled away the years on a cul-de-sac and raised a family she got these sharp edges and became a lot harsher.

I’m really not one to talk... I’m self aware enough to know I indulge in dickdom regularly and also know I have to watch that.

Maybe that’s a consequence of getting older... at least that’s the excuse I want to use even if I’m not kidding anyone.

Anyway, I’ve got my sharp edges too and there’s the old saw about people in glass houses.

So, let’s stop with the cliches and enjoy some more nostalgia...

Here’s another Waitresses song (their big hit) and it’s still good:

Finally, even though we’re past it, may I provide you with one of rock’s greatest contributions to holiday tunes by who else but the Waitresses - really this would be on any Christmas compilation mixtape I would make:

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